We're Hiring!


Now hiring for a full or part-time beertender!

Want to join our team? Here’s what we are looking for…

- Beer Knowledge: (you don't have to know everything...just love beer and be willing to learn)
- Personality:  a must-have.  Be prepared to engage with customers, get to know them and showcase your personality and excitement for Ounces & beer.
- Attention to detail:  must be extremely detailed oriented and able to multi-task.  (Ie: Can you manage a line of people, kegs blowing, full trash and dirty dishes all at once?  Plus notice there is a pile of pretzels on the ground in the corner that needs to be cleaned up? This is what we’re talking about.)
- Passion & willingness to go above and beyond:  Do you put care into every pour?  Is it important to you to make sure each customer feels like they get the best experience possible?  Do you see a piece of trash in the parking lot and go pick it up?  Do you get excited about a new beer that just came on tap? We care about this stuff and want someone who does too. 
- Someone who can be an extension of ownership:  Be prepared to work closely with ownership.  We’re very involved—and are looking for this person to carry on the energy, vibe and experience of what we’ve already created.
- Interest in growth within business:  We want someone who is committed and plans to stick around for awhile. Plus, we’d love to have you grow in other areas within the business.  Interested in Management? Marketing? Events? Tons of opportunity to grow for the right person.


This person will be managing day-to-day taproom operations. What does this mean?  You are doing more then just pouring beer and taking orders. Be prepared to DO IT ALL in this role:

·      Serve customers (communicate taplist, know repeat customers, take orders, work register, pour beer...etc)
·      Manage taplist (tap new kegs, keep menu board up to date, update taps & pos…etc)
·      Manage inventory (stock/order food & supplies, pack food...etc)
·      Cleaning (lots of cleaning!!! everything from dishes & tables to trash, taps & toilets)
·      Open/Closing Setup/Teardown (set up beer garden stools, turn on heaters – everything needed to open and close business)
·      Provide excellent customer experience (interact with repeat & new customers, provide excellent customer service, make sure taproom experience is perfect at all times…etc)


$13-15 hr + tips (depending on experience)

20-40 hrs a week (will consider full or part-time employees)

Must be 21 or older

Flexible days/hours of week (though expect to work nights and weekends)


Send the following to contact@ounceswestseattle.com:

1.    Resume
2.    Answers to these questions:  

·       Are you 21 or older? Yes/No
·       When are you available to start?
·       Are you willing to work nights and weekends?
·       Any days you are not available to work?
·       Are you looking for a Full Time (40 hours a week) or Part Time role (20 hours)?
·       Do you have customer service experience? Explain.
·       Why are you interested in this role? 
·       What type of qualifications do you have for this role?
·       What are your long-term career goals?
·       Do you like craft beer? 
·       On a scale of 1-10...how much do you know about beer?
·       What are your top 3 breweries in Washington? Top 3 in Seattle?
·       What do you like about these places?
·       You walk into a bar, what is your go-to style of drink to order?
·       When going to a bar or restaurant, what is most important to you: rank in order and explain: customer service, environment (look/feel & vibe), quality of food/menu
·       What is your level of attention to detail? 1 - you may see stuff on the floor, but only if it's real obvious (i.e. Pile of broken pretzels). 10- you notice everything (i.e. Dirt in corner crevice of baseboard molding)
·       If you see the same person 5 times.  On a scale of 1-5, how likely is it that you will remember them?  How likely is it that you will remember their name? 1 – not likely ; 5 - likely
·       Give an example of time when you had to manage multiple things at once.
·       What is your communication style?  Are you a good communicator?
·       How do you feel about working closely with ownership?
·       Do you feel confident that you meet the requirements of this role?  Why?
·       Why are you the best candidate for this role? 
·       What sets you apart from everyone else?

(NOTE:  applications without a resume and answers to these questions, will not be considered.)